Young Lions roar into print with text campaign

Take your status offline

The winners of the print category for the 2014 Cannes Young Lions competition showed how creative approaches to the medium can be used to drive an innovative marketing campaign.

Millicent Malcolm and Zenon Predecki from JWT Melbourne were tasked with developing a print-focused campaign within the competition’s mandated 24-hour time frame, responding to a brief in support of a Murdoch Children’s Research Institute campaign to encourage people to abandon social media for 48 hours.

Their campaign asked people to switch off social media and instead text status updates to a number – the cost of the SMS would act as a donation to the institute – and those text messages would be printed in a special publication, called The Newspaper Feed. The campaign’s tag line was ‘Take your status update offline and save a child’s life’.

Ms Malcolm said that the campaign focused on simplicity and on allowing people to continue doing something they like to do, but in a slightly different form.

“We started with basic logic: why take away something people love to do? Instead of getting people to switch off social media entirely, we created a new platform for them to post their updates,” she said.

“We thought of the easiest, low involvement way to donate – a text message. The campaign idea also gives people something for their donation – the chance to have their status update published in the newspaper.”

Ms Malcolm, a copywriter for JWT, and Mr Predecki, an art director for the company, said that the campaign tried to show how “print can be more than print” and to take a non-traditional approach to medium generally thought of as overly traditional. The 24-hour turnaround did provide some challenges however.

“Not going to lie; we slept at the office. We really wanted this. But we also just tried to have as much fun as possible; ate a bunch of Miss Chu, listened to a bunch of 90s music, went to a petting zoo,” Ms Malcolm said.

“We bounced that many ideas off the wall . . . [and] our idea was risky for a print category, but in the end it paid off.”

Cannes Young Lions category winners will travel to the 2014 International Cannes Lions Festival in Nice, France, and will have access to all seminars, award ceremonies, showcases and master classes at the event, which will be held June 15-21.

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