You got issues?

A number of advertisers took advantage of the unique environment of newspapers to deliver messages around key public agenda issues.

Minerals Council Keep Mining StrongClubs NSW Club GrantsAustralian Government Victorian HospitalsThese included ads from the Minerals Council of Australia (placed in Queensland) promoting jobs generation within their industry, Clubs NSW calling for community grant submissions, and the Australian Government communicating their injection of funding into Victorian hospitals.

All three of the aforementioned advertisers suffer large amounts of public criticism across a number of issues. And all three ads are relatively straightforward, text centric ads that eschew other creative ‘tactics’. It’s a straight talking approach.

Whether the ads are effective or convincing, newspapers offer a relevant context in which to tell ‘your side of the story’. As previously discussed in Breaking Campaigns, in the lead up to the Federal Election, we expect to see more of this kind of newspaper advertising from special interest groups.


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