Win with news media

Win with news media

With an industry value of around $22bn a year, Australians are the world’s biggest gamblers – punting more per person than in any other country in the world. LANCE CLATWORTHY  takes a look at those who gamble and the fit with news media.


  • 6.2m gambled at least once last month
  • 94% of gamblers read news media
  • 80% read newspapers
  • 71% read digital news media
  • 34% more likely than non-readers to have gambled
  • 63% more likely than non-readers to have played the pokies
  • Heavy newspaper readers are 65% more likely than non-readers to have gambled

Gamblers skew to men aged 55 or over

Looking at the demograph, whereas 49 per cent of us are men, 56 per cent of gamblers are male – they’re more inclined to be betting. Similarly 44 per cent of those aged 55 or over are gamblers compared with the population profile at 34 per cent aged 55+.


News media reaches 94 per cent of gamblers

The latest emma research shows that 6.2m Australians aged 18+ gambled in the last month. News media is read by 5.8m of them – that’s a 94 per cent reach for advertisers looking to communicate to these spenders. The majority  are buying Lotto tickets or Scratchie cards, but news media achieves similar coverage of the 940k people who played a Poker machine and the 720k who placed an online bet, for example.


Newspapers and digital news media both provide reach

Newspapers alone reach 80 per cent of gamblers with digital news media reaching 71 per cent. We see similar strengths across Lotto/scratchie tickets, casino visitors, TAB bets, online bets and poker machine players. However, casino visitors are just as likely to be newspaper readers (72%) as they are digital readers (70%).


Gamblers are more likely to be news media readers

So news media demonstrates extensive coverage of gamblers, but the real strength is seen in how likely news media readers are to gamble compared with the behaviour of those who don’t read news media. Readers aged 18+ are 34 per cent more likely to have gambled in the last month than is the case with none readers – an advertising efficiency.

The skews are even stronger for poker machine players – readers are 63 per cent more likely to be poker machine players, with newspaper readers being 79 per cent more likely.


*Index of aged 18+ readers (Last 4 weeks) v Aged 18+ non readers (Last 4 weeks) = 100

Gamblers are more likely to be heavy newspaper readers

Although we have see good coverage of casino visitors, we do not see the same strength when we look at the index compared with non readers (above). However, we can see that those casino visitors are more  likely to be heavy readers of newspapers. Compared  with those reading less than one newspaper issue a week, heavy readers (7+ issues a week) are 32 per cent more likely to have been to a casino in the last month. This efficiency is significantly more marked for the other types of gambling, especially betting at a TAB – Readers are nearly three time more likely to have placed a TAB bet last month. So not only does news media show strong coverage, but when advertising in newspapers, it is also the case that the advertiser’s target is more likely to be those reading more issues.


*Index of aged 18+ readers (Last week) v Aged 18+ non readers (Last week) = 100

On the latter point, the next chart better illustrates the fit of newspapers for the gambling industry. Whereas 21 per cent of Australians read seven or more newspaper issues a week, among those who placed a TAB bet, 38 per cent were heavy readers. Compared to all newspaper readers, we again see that gamblers have an increased tendency to be heavy readers for each of  the gambling activities.


5.7m gamblers who are both digital and print readers

News media provides reach to 94 per cent of those who gambled in the last month and readers are more likely to have gambled than non readers. The fit to the target is even more evident when we see that heavy newspaper readers are significantly more likely to be gamblers for each of the betting types analysed – especially for those who placed a TAB bet. Advertisers benefit from the high reach achieved by both print and digital news media, while for newspaper advertising we can also see that gamblers are more engaged than the average newspaper reader.

1. emmaTM 12 months to February 2017. Readership based on last four weeks. Survey conducted by Ipsos MediaCT, people 18+ ; Nielsen DRM February 2017, People 18+ only. Gamblers bought a Lotto ticket or Scratchie, went to a casino, placed a TAB or online bet or played a Pokie machine in the last month.





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