Westpac goes cross-platform for campaign launch

Westpac has used a cross-platform advertising campaign to promote the launch its $100 million scholarship program.

The Westpac Bicentennial Foundation is the largest private education scholarship program in Australia’s history and will provide 100 tertiary scholarships and awards a year to bright students to pursue tertiary education and careers in science and technology, as well as places to spend a year studying in Asia.

The campaign, created by Westpac’s lead creative agency DDB Australia, reflects on the achievements of eminent eye surgeon Fred Hollows and cancer researcher Adele Green, as examples of Australians that have had the drive to “dream big, think differently and make a difference”.

Managing director of DDB Australia Andrew Little told The Newspaper Works, “In the creative campaign we wanted to inspire and find a new generation of Australians with the same drive to influence the future; their achievements provided us with a platform to motivate the next generation of ‘Freds’ and ‘Adeles’.”

Alongside the announcement of the program, Westpac ran a national advertising campaign with full page ads in national and metropolitan newspapers, free to air and subscription television, large format outdoor and digital, with a focus on mobile and tablet, social and SEO.

Print ad to promote the recently announced Westpac Bicentennial Foundation

Print ad to promote the recently announced Westpac Bicentennial Foundation

Head of mass marketing for Westpac Lisa Ronson, told The Newspaper Works that the message the bank had asked DDB to get across through the promotion campaign was ‘$100 million scholarship fund. 100 scholars a year, forever’.

“We wanted the campaign to bring to life the unique drive of exceptional Australians who dreamt big, thought differently and made a difference. By highlighting these examples of the leaders of the past, we hope to attract leaders of the future to apply for these 100 scholarships each year.”

Ms Ronson said the company believes the value of the program is worth the significant investment and that there will be a roll-on commercial benefit in its establishment.

“In the past, Westpac has prospered because Australia has prospered and in the future, Westpac will prosper as Australia prospers, hence why we have made such a firm commitment via this sizable investment of $100 million,” she said.

“Education is a key driver of growth – for individuals and for the economy. This Foundation is about supporting the people who will shape the future of Australia. It’s the scholars of today that will be the inventors, innovators and leaders of tomorrow.”

She also noted that so far “the response from the community via media coverage, social media interactions and general feedback has been overwhelmingly positive”.

The program is the company’s first step towards celebrating its 200 year anniversary, which will be reached in 2017.

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