WAN cuts remote deliveries

West Australian Newspapers will cease delivering its print publications to readers north of Broome, who will instead be offered a digital subscription to the mastheads from Monday, December 15.

Titles affected are The West Australian and The Weekend West, as well as other WAN publications Countryman, Quokka, and TAB Form.

Currently WAN’s newspaper distribution network in Western Australian covers 50,000 kilometres each night.

The general manager of circulation and distribution for WAN, Adam Everett, said that in “remote regions like the Kimberley the availability of viable air and road freight services are diminishing and the costs to sustain existing services has become prohibitive”.

Mr Everett said that WAN had sent out pamphlets to readers and residents in these areas and was utilising local press advertising to inform them of the distribution changes and to offer two alternative deals.

Subscribers in places like Derby, Halls Creek, Fitzroy Crossing, Wyndham and Kununurra will be offered a digital subscription – a digital replica of the print paper that can be read on a tablet – for $5 a week. Readers that do not own a tablet will be offered a $10 a week subscription (for a minimum twelve months) that comes with a 10 inch Samsung Galaxy tablet.

Print subscribers were previously paying $13 a week.

Correction: this article originally said that the $10 subscription was for a minimum of five months, this has been corrected to twelve months. Also, the article previously said pamphlets had gone to “subscribers” in the Kimberley, this has also been corrected to readers and residents.

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  1. I have been buying a Countryman every week for 20 years in Karrinyup. The newsagency has stopped getting the Countryman. I also tried Innaloo shopping centre, who said that the Countryman had stopped coming.
    My question is: Where can I now get as copy of the Countryman?

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