Videos: New CEOs discuss growth plans

The recently appointed chief executives of two of Australia’s major publishers have sat down for video interviews with The Newspaper Works, outlining their plans to drive audience engagement and revenues.

In a wide-ranging interview, News Corp chief executive Peter Tonagh shared his insights on the future goals of News’ content business, programmatic and where he sees opportunities for revenue growth.

APN News & Media’s chief executive Ciaran Davis spoke of the challenges associated with building integrated, cross-platform operations like NZME, the future role of radio, customised printing solutions for advertisers and the critical role of mobile.

Mr Tonagh says the migration of News Corp Australia’s digital audience from desktop to mobile has increased by 70 per cent over the past 12 months, with the publisher exploring new ways to monetise that audience through acquisitions like ad-tech company Unruly.

He said Unruly and Storyful were important to strategies because both businesses tapped into new forms of advertising – social media and mobile.

“I think the major change is a recognition that it’s not print or digital, it’s actually about the content itself, and you let the consumer dictate how they want to consume it,” Mr Tonagh said.

Mr Davis spoke of the importance of mobile.

“Mobile is the critical part for us in terms of integration of all our assets across publishing, radio, outdoor, NZ, and it’s one of the key drivers across the next three to five years,” he said.

“If I take Adshel Live and the digital rollout that we’re doing, we’re very soon going to be able to have mobile interactivity with street furniture advertising, downloading coupons, buying tickets, two-way engagement.”

The interviews with Mr Tonagh and Mr Davis will be published in The Newspaper Works’ The Bulletin, which will be distributed to offices next week.

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