Video: Narisetti on turning context into digital dollars

Media companies trying to attract advertisers should leverage the valuable context of their own news sites compared to that of social media, according to News Corp vice president of strategy Raju Narisetti.

Mr Narisetti said audiences better engage with ads posted on news sites because they were there to consume high-quality, trustworthy content for longer periods of time, compared to social media platforms.

Mr Narisetti said while advertising departments often used the quality of their content and audience numbers to attract clients, they needed to better appreciate the power of a news site’s context.

“We spend a lot of energy in our industry understanding what audiences do with our content, what they read, what they don’t read what they don’t like. Very few of us have spent any energy really understanding the relationship between our audiences and advertising on our platforms,” he said.

Mr Narisetti shared his advice on “context selling”, along with his thoughts on paywalls, the future of print media, mobile, ad-blockers and the opportunities for news curation during a presentation at The Future Forum.

The Future Forum is an annual conference for media professionals that featured presentations from industry leaders including WPP CEO Sir Martin Sorrell, the Huffington Post’s Lauri Baker and a panel of CEOs from Australia’s news media publishers.

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