Video: Mario Garcia on best practice publishing

Publishers should radically rethink how they cover breaking news in the multiplatform environment and practice “segmented” storytelling, according to veteran media designer and consultant Mario Garcia.

Segmented storytelling involves updating a breaking news story throughout the day with short bursts of information like quotes, photos, graphics, opinion pieces and statistics, rather than reporting news in a traditional written format. After a story develops throughout the day, these small bits of content combine to form a complete picture of the news story.

Mr Garcia told this year’s Future Forum that segmented storytelling catered to the “lean forward” mode of news consumption – one of two ways modern audiences consume news in the digital environment.

“We’re constantly leaning forward all day long with mobile platforms and then we want analysis. We want to know why something happened, so we lean back,” Mr Garcia said.

Lean back news consumption usually takes place in tablet and print publications, where audiences expect more multimedia and analytical content.

The Future Forum is an annual symposium for news media professionals and this year featured presentations by WPP CEO Sir Martin Sorrell, News Corp vice president of strategy Raju Narisetti and a panel of CEOs from Australian and New Zealand media companies.

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