Victorian Licensee issued banning notice for “Trasher of the Week” promotion

The Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation has issued a notice to the licensee of Mynt Lounge in Werribee banning the promotion known as “Trasher of the Week”.

The Commission has decided the advertising and promotion of the event was likely to encourage irresponsible consumption of alcohol and was not in the public interest.

Following contact with the venue’s licensee, the Commission has received advice that the website hosting pictures from the promotion had been pulled down.

All licensees have an obligation to ensure liquor is served responsibly and in accordance with their licence conditions.

Promotional activities that encourage inappropriate attitudes towards women, may appeal to minors or increase risky drinking are not in accordance with the Commission’s guidelines on liquor advertising and promotions.

The Commission has the power to ban licensees from advertising or promotions that are likely to encourage irresponsible consumption of alcohol or are not in the public interest.