Viable print needs to be sold harder: Steedman

Media agency and advertising veteran John Steedman says newspapers will remain a “viable medium into the future”, but that publishers need to do a better job of selling the attributes of print.

In a conversation with The Newspaper Works, the chairman and CEO of GroupM Australia said that newspaper media is able to provide a unique level of engagement as a fundamentally lean-forward medium.

“Print is not dead, despite what people may say, it’s not dead. It’s about engagement which no other mass media vehicle can offer,” he said.

“[It] plays a very important part in terms of path to purchase, particularly in the retail, car industry and travel, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s still going to remain a very viable medium into the future.”

Mr Steedman said that many digital natives working for media and advertising agencies often don’t go to print media for their own news consumption, which has an effect on how they make media buying decisions and where they choose to invest.

“You need to convince those people that are planning and buying different forms of media, that newspapers still play a very important part in brand building,” he said. “Through the fact that it’s a trusted medium and brands want to be associated with a trusted medium.”

“Also, newspapers such as The Australian and The Australian Financial Review attract high income earners and they’re one of very few mediums that’s able to talk to that audience unlike other media vehicles that are available.”

With the launch of emma’s print media engagement metric forthcoming in June, after the release of their audience insights survey last year, Mr Steedman said that sophisticated analytics platforms for measuring engagement and media consumption were increasingly important.

“The more information we can get on engagement and being able to marry return on investment versus advertising, the better for the business.” he said.

“Accountability is becoming far more important in today’s environment, than ever before.”

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  1. How refreshing. John is correct, “print is not dead”…it is still engaging, credible and viable for readers and advertisers alike. Dismiss it at your peril.

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