UWA Targets High Achievers

The University of Western Australia have placed this front cover strip, and sectional back cover in The Weekend Australia, to highlight their achievement as a ‘World Top 100 University’.

UWA Is A World Top 100 UniversityUWA Change Makers Are Not BornThe brief profiling of a highly successful graduate on the front cover strip in fact provides volumes of information that may surprise readers, while the full page back cover positions the brand as a combination of longevity and tradition (symbolised by the sandstone building), and at the forefront of contemporary thinking in academia.

Most likely, the ad is targeted at high achieving applicants (and their parents), and post graduate applicants.

It’s a message about quality of education and not ‘fun times with Clubs and Societies’ which is often how colleges of higher learning seek to appeal to new students.

This invites reappraisal of the brand and is likely to encourage readers to pursue more information online.


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