Two more online publishers join press council

Two more online publishers join press council

Three more publications have joined the Australian Press Council, including online-only publications HuffPost Australia – which launched in Australia last week – and Daily Mail Australia.

The two join the press council’s growing list of online-only publications, including New Matilda, ninemsn, and mUmBRELLA.

Council chairman Professor David Weisbrot is pleased to see publishers valuing the council, and believes this demonstrates the increasing globalisation of the media.

“I’m really encouraged by the fact that publishers continue to value the importance of press council membership and of making a public commitment to excellence and social responsibility,” he said in a statement.

“They clearly see the benefits of the council’s complaints system and of being part of our self-regulation, standards-setting and advocacy processes.”

Chief executive of HuffPost Australia Chris Janz said joining the press council affirmed the title’s commitment to the high standards of quality journalism and freedom of expression that the press council strived to maintain.

Managing director of Daily Mail Australia Peter Holder said he had been impressed by the council’s recent advocacy for press freedom as well as its new educational initiatives.

“These not only help maintain standards but keep journalists informed on myriad and emerging media law issues,” he said.

The third new member is The Monthly Chronicle. Editor Anthony Brewster believes that smaller publications such as his can also benefit from supporting press freedom.

“Local and regional news in Australia is of vital importance to the communities they serve because the local stories they tell are often not provided by larger media outlets,” he said.

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