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Travel and tourism advertisers can upgrade their campaigns by using news media, writes TANYA SHINN.


  • 13.7m readers planning a holiday in the next 12 months
  • 25% of holidaymakers are influenced by news media travel sections
  • 90% of the top spenders on travel and airfares read news media.
  • 950,000 readers plan to take a cruise within 12 months.


The weakened dollar is not standing in the way of overseas travel plans for many readers of news media.

Some 1.3 million of these readers are investigating whether they can take an overseas vacation in the next 6 months. The domestic tourism market has also experienced a boost, with one in two readers choosing to holiday close to home.

Travel brands can influence a large portion of holidaymakers through news media advertising.

First-class destination

Travel sections are a popular destination for 6.5 million readers each month.

News media is second only to online as the most useful media that influences holiday decisions. One in four say reviews influences them when deciding where they should go.

Reach your target market

According to emma, some 2.6 million travel section readers plan on taking a trip in the next 6 months.

The most frequent readers of newspaper travel stories want the least stress when organising a vacation. Regular readers are also 18 per cent more likely to prefer “package tours” than non-readers.

Readers of online news index 6 per cent above the norm for expenditure on international airfares and 22 per cent above non-readers. They also take a more hands-on approach to booking travel. Nearly half (47%) prefer “to book all aspects of travel themselves” and they are 10 per cent more likely to agree that “a holiday must involve travelling overseas” compared with non-readers.

Hot spots

The most popular domestic travel destinations for the next 12 months are Sydney (33%), Melbourne (31%) and Brisbane (19%), while our favourite international destinations are the UK (22%), USA (20%) and New Zealand (17%).

Relaxation is the top desire for any vacation, according to the emma data. Sightseeing and beach holidays are next in line.

Cruises a popular choice

Over the last ten years, cruise passenger numbers have grown more than six-fold, with Australia predicted to account for 6.1 per cent of the global market by the end of 2016.1

News media offers a prime environment for advertising cruise packages.

Some 950,000 readers are considering a vacation on the water in the next 12 months with top companies being Princess Cruises, P&O, and Royal Caribbean – all of which are regular advertisers.

Each month, print newspapers reach 870,000 million travellers planning to take a cruise for their next holiday. Some 30 per cent who plan to take a cruise are heavy newspaper readers (7+ copies a week.)


emma™ conducted by Ipsos MediaCT, People 14+ for the 12 months ending May 2016; Nielsen DRM May 2016, People 14+ only.




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