Top 10 insights 2015

It’s been another busy year in the wider media sector, and The Newspaper Works has been no different.  Our weekly insights articles and infographics have been viewed over 65,000 times.  As the year draws to a close we think it’s a fitting time to revisit the most clicked insights articles for 2015:

  1. Can print improve sales results? Bet your house on it – Research released by property research company CoreLogic found that properties advertised in printed newspapers, in addition to online advertising, improved sales outcomes.
  2. Magazines in newspapers reach out to motivated audience of 3.9m – Always colourful, sometimes glossy, the magazines we discover in our newspapers offer advertisers the chance to brighten our day.
  3. Check out how newspaper media delivers – Newspaper media is the right solution for supermarket retailers, reaching 19 out of 20 grocery buyers over a four-week period
  4. Driving car sales – Find out why newspaper media is the key for targeting new car buyers.
  5. Reaching the decision maker – emma data indicates brands can influence buyers who control household and company budgets across a range of categories via newspaper media.
  6. Frequent flyer rewards – We look at how airlines and travel companies can grow their business using newspaper media.
  7. Copping it C-sweet – Business sections pay dividends for advertisers chasing wealthy investors and C-suite executives.
  8. Why news brands are just the ticket for tourism – Find out how local travel brands can use news brands to capture their slice of a vibrant market.
  9. Fast food facts to chew over – emma data shows Quick Service Restaurants can grow campaign reach by adding newspaper media to their channel plan.
  10. Top-rating numbers – Between the new streaming services and established subscription TV providers, Australians have never had more choices for accessing high-quality TV and film content. And newspaper media stands out as a particularly effective way to reach potential subscribers.

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