Our 10 most popular insights for 2014

In 2014 we produced more than 40 insights emails, viewed over 60,000 times by marketers, media owners and media agencies.

In fact we reckon we’ve produced so much that you may have missed some of the best bits, so here are some of the highlights of our most popular insights pieces.

Our insights are powered by emmaTM which allows us to create amazing consumer profiles, deep dive into industry categories, and understand how different media work together. Plus in 2014, emmaTM added the ability to look at engagement, and incorporated new household expenditure data.

Here are the top 10 most popular insights articles – along with why you should read them.

  1. The strengths of going local – a useful insight into the distinctive roles that community, regional and metro newspapers play in consumers lives.
  2. Revving up Car buyers – the latest view on the path to purchase for cars, and how to influence car buyers.
  3. Woolies and Coles lead the way in retail advertising – the advertising effectiveness of their retail ads and what you can learn.
  4. Wine ads the right vintage – what can we learn from two different creative executions from Australia’s leading wine brand, Penfolds?
  5. The 6 creative templates you need to know – reveals the creative formats which secretly power 89% of award-winning ads
  6. Mobile keeps shoppers moving – people who read the news on mobile or tablet are also serious shoppers. Find out how to connect with them.
  7. Maximising cross platform reach – Print is powerful. Digital is dynamic. How can you combine them to make the most of your advertising investment?
  8. Store wars – how do supermarkets use newspaper advertising to influence the 40% of people who aren’t loyal to a supermarket chain?
  9. Reno-nation – the battle between Bunnings and new comer Masters is hotting up. How can newspaper media help new brands like Masters?
  10. Travel: Choosing cruises and picking packages – The big trends in travel, including the surprising fastest-growing destination for Aussies. And how the path to purchase is changing.

And here are four of our other favourites chosen by the team at The Newspaper Works:-

  1. How to change society’s behaviour – what you can learn from government advertising and their efforts to change people’s behaviour
  2. Secrets of the wealthy – what are the key differences between the wealthy and the rest of us?
  3. Getting a handle on households – how to use the new ABS household expenditure data in emma
  4. It’s a love thing – emma’s new engagement metric reveals the special relationship between newspapers and their readers

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