The Works Q3 – Digital

The Works Q3 – Digital


Ticket to ride

1.7m read on a device while commuting

tickettorideWorkers now spend an average of 61 minutes travelling to and from work on public transport, according to the latest figures from emma. This equates to about 10 full days a year.

More than 1.7 million who travel by rail, ferry, tram and bus across the five capital cities read digital news media content.

Around 84 per cent of commuters who ride a tram have read news content on their mobile device in the last four weeks.

Some 82 per cent of those who commute by train read news on their smartphone or laptop. Passengers on buses (79%) and ferries (80%) recorded similar results.

Sign of the times

Digital readership overtakes print for under 40s

signofthetimesDigital readership has now overtaken print readership among the under 40s. While overall readership is largely unchanged at 7.3 million, some 5.9 million under 40s now access their news online.

This shift in habit means 70 per cent of under-40s now get their news online – 13 percent (653,000) more than those who read a newspaper.

There is, however, significant crossover in media channel consumption. Nearly half of those under 40 (46%) read a newspaper and content online.


Banner ads back in vogue

3.8m say they’ll click through for product info

banneradsReader engagement with banner ads and video ads is on the rise.

According to emma, 1.9 million digital news media readers say they regularly click on banner ads to find out more about a product or service – an increase of 38 percent in the last year.

Similar results are found for online advertising video content, with 2 million engaging with video advertising content – up 33 per cent in the last year.

Readers have a higher overall level of engagement with these forms of digital advertising, indexing 10 per cent above the population norm.


Net new recruits

Publisher-owned employment sites reach 1.8m

Some 1.8 million Australians use publisher-owned jobsites such as CareerOne and Adzuna every month, according to Nielsen’s monthly digital ratings data.

CareerOne and Adzuna, both owned by news publishers, are two of the four most-visited employment sites, with one-in-four visitors saying they are actively seeking a new job.

The market is fragmented despite those large numbers. The largest employment site, Seek, reaches 22 per cent of jobseekers (687,000). According to emma, a significant proportion of online news media readers say they don’t use Seek. Only 50 per cent will visit that site each month. That’s 201,000 prospective employees who don’t visit the country’s most popular jobs site but see news media employment content.

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