The Works: Q2 Newspaper Audience Report

The Works: Q2 Newspaper Audience Report

Welcome to the first issue of The Works, a quarterly report on newspapers and their audiences.

It has been designed to shine a light on the array of media formats that newspaper publishers embrace in the digital age, and the rich audiences who engage with their journalism.

It is easy to simply make the point that newspapers are more than just the print product. That’s obvious after almost decades of internet publishing. Yet, one should not easily dismiss the incredible reach and influence that traditional print journalism enjoys within our society.

The most senior advertising buyers, most recently GroupM chairman John Steedman, are now questioning the wisdom of moving away from print, and they recognise the powerful role print can perform for marketers.

A good example of this is in Retail, which is the focus of our first Spotlight. Newspapers attract more than $830 million a year in retail advertising.

Data from the emma survey shows newspaper and mobile audiences (smartphone and tablet) have a higher propensity to shop online than other device owners.

The big takeaway from this report is the breadth of newspaper media and the fact that it delivers content in print and digital all day long.


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