The Saturday Paper heads to Adelaide and Brisbane

The Saturday Paper has expanded its distribution to Adelaide and Brisbane, with the first copies making their debut on Saturday, April 26.

The weekly, launched two months ago by publisher of The Monthly, Morry Schwartz, already services Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne.

Schwartz Media CEO, Rebecca Costello, said the expansion is due to “reader demand”, with 80,000 copies still to be distributed across the wider reach each week.

“Finding a groove and establishing habits takes longer than 10 weeks, however we are more than pleased with what is happening week on week.”

The Saturday Paper tweeted on April 23, “Brisbane and Adelaide, save the date: The Saturday Paper is coming to a newsagency near you”.

The announcement and subsequent arrival drew enthusiastic responses on social media from customers in the northern and western cities.

The Saturday Paper is a rare new print offering in recent times.

Editor Erik Jensen spoke to The Newspaper Works about the paper’s first weekend in March, and media agency head Steve Allen predicted it would increase the ad pool among the print market,.

Mr Allen said: “Given The Saturday Paper has a different ‘flavour’, it can potentially offer something a new niche advertiser may not have been able to specifically target before.”

It has also drawn criticism for what some have deemed a bumpy start.

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