The Newspaper Works To Host 2013 Copy School

The Newspaper Works is delighted to announce that it will be partnering with AWARD for its 2013 Copy School, hosting the September workshops for young advertising copywriters at The Newspaper Works’ offices in Sydney.

Copy School forms part of the broader AWARD Ad School programme conducted by The Communications Council and aims to teach up-and-coming advertising copywriters the skills they require on both a creative and commercial level.

Ray Black, advertising industry luminary and founder of Copy School said: “At the end of the day advertising copywriters need to not only understand copywriting in terms of concept and craft, but also the commercial reality of why the client is spending the money.”

“Our tutors are some of the best, most successful creative directors and writers in the industry but in spite of the reference to it being a ‘school’, the emphasis is on an informal learning environment. That way we ensure we only have participants, not passengers.”

Copy School enrols 12 young writers, and features nine tutors, with participants involved in live briefs that give them the experience of real world pressures in cracking creative concepts.

Lucia Elliott, Marketing Director of The Newspaper Works said: “The newspaper industry has been a long-standing supporter of the creative community with the Caxton Seminar & Awards Programme.

“Fairfax Media has also been committed to AWARD Copy School in recent years and The Newspaper Works is delighted to contribute to that tradition.

“Journalists and copywriters share a common goal of telling compelling stories that connect with audiences in powerful ways. We’re working closely with Ray to bring our industry’s expertise in journalism into the Copy School curriculum as so many of the themes overlap,” Ms Elliott said.

Tesha Jones of The Communications Council added:

“The Communications Council is thrilled to have the support of The Newspaper Works for Copy School 2013. Copy School is a unique course for people who want to refine the art of copy. It provides students with an insight into the creative process, inspires creative thinking and develops the discipline of writing as an art form. Most importantly, Copy School is directed by the advertising industry.”

2013 AWARD Copy School commences on September 15.

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