The Newspaper Works’ statement on the failure of SA shield laws

The Newspaper Works CEO Mark Hollands said:

“The newspaper industry is extremely disappointed at the outcome. It is imperative that journalists be allowed to protect the identity of their sources.

“It is a basic condition of a free press.

“Failure to pass this legislation suggests a belief in South Australia that you can silence your critics by intimidating those who wish to highlight wrongdoing in the public interest.

“It is ridiculous that journalists should continue to face jail for being determined to keep secret the identity of their sources. It is a blatant attempt to undermine the integrity of journalism.

“It is also disappointing that South Australia could not follow the leadership of other governments, such as those in NSW, Victoria and Western Australia, which have all passed similar legislation to ensure a journalist can, without threat of jail, keep their sources confidential.”

An article on the failure of the Evidence (Protections for Journalists) Amendment Bill to pass South Australian parliament and the implications for journalists can be read here.

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