The Newspaper Effectiveness Metric

In 2008, The Newspaper Works commissioned the development of a new metric which would assist advertisers and their agencies in better understanding how newspaper advertising works.

After an extensive selection process, independent tracking and media research experts Ipsos were commissioned to develop the metric.

The result is The Newspaper Effectiveness Metric, which combines recognised brand and advertising measures with proprietary newspaper measures, so as to be sensitive to the unique characteristics of newspapers and rigorous enough to be on a par with existing tracking metrics.

This presentation outlines:

  • Purpose of the Newspaper Effectiveness Metric
  • Selected results of qualitative and quantitative testing
  • The key newspaper ad norms in relation to Ad Recognition, Brand Linkage, Interest, Brand Equity Impact, Roles of Advertising and Creative Diagnotics
  • Appendix of newspaper ads tested by metropolitan city
  • Examples of the kind of learnings the metric can provide.

Download the full presentation below.