Territory Discoveries

Territory Discoveries does a great job at communicating a highly appealing travel destination with a good offer.

Key findingsTerritory Discoveries

  • While the ad contains a price pointed offer, by far the greatest effect is to encourage greater affinity with the destination, along with reappraisal (which helps to add this destination into consideration for action in the future).
  • The price point / value message could possibly be brought more to the fore, to generate a greater level of comprehension regarding this specific aspect of the communication.
  • This ad successfully communicates a point of difference and is seen as helping familiarity / understanding and relevance.
  • Likely actions off the back of this ad favour web search and adding Uluru to a list of destinations in the memory banks or future consideration.
  • Overall, based on testing, it compares favourably against other Tourism ads that are considered ‘best practice’.

Download full results of Territories Discoveries June 2011 Creative Benchmarking research below.