Ten Targets Broader Market

Channel Ten are regular advertisers in the pages of newspapers.

TEN Barossa Boot Camp and BeerOnce again, Masterchef is the hero, however the creative strategy shows us three interesting clues about how Ten are attempting to gain a broader audience than they have previously targeted.

Maggie Beer is one of those people who everyone seems to like.

Every season contestants break down and weep in her presence as if presented to a spiritual master. And of course she’s over 40, which is a giveaway clue that Ten is seeking a slightly older audience.

There’s also the highlighting of the Barossa location and the inclusion of the promotion to win a European cruise to ensure we get the message than Ten isn’t only for young folks anymore . And what isn’t there is also interesting i.e. no mention of the ‘battles of the sexes’ format which has come under fire for playing to stereotypes and being irrelevant to a cooking show.

The ad has many creative elements in its favour including use of recognisable celebrities that most people would find appealing, a large and colourful image, and a specific and simple call to action.

Take a look here and here at how Ten have promoted their programming via newspapers.


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