Newspaper advertising undertaken by Australian Marriage Equality (AME) – a national organisation working for equal marriage for all consenting adults – has inspired hundreds of brands to sign up and support the cause.

In June, AME placed full page advertisements in The Australian.  Qantas, PwC, Commonwealth Bank, Optus, Google, Virgin, Westpac, David Jones and ANZ, are some of the 50 brands that used the ad to express their support for same sex marriage ahead of a possible vote in federal parliament later this year.


Australian Marriage Equality’s full page advertisement in The Australian

As a result of the advertising, more than 663 businesses have now publicly expressed their support for marriage equality though AME and their #teamequal campaign.

Australian Marriage Equality Deputy Director Ivan Hinton-Teoh said that the newspaper advertising ‘supercharged’ AME’s campaign.  Hiton-Teoh says “The paper was selected as the ‘perfect medium’ to reach business and political audiences.”

Other newspapers have since followed suit, encouraging local business to show their support for marriage equality.  The Bendigo Advertiser, the Goulburn Post and the South Western Times have all undertaken independent campaigns inspired by the original AME advertisement.

bendigo advertiser marriage equality

The Bendigo Advertiser and local businesses get behind marriage equality

Mr Hinton-Teoh believes the newspaper advertisements received such favourable responses because it demonstrated the support of the community.

“I think the print ad has resonated because it shows the vast support of marriage equality that exists in the community that had previously been unheard,” he said.

“So its significance continues to reverberate because it’s provided other organisations and small businesses an opportunity of participating in something that is obviously significant to them in a way that no other platform has provided.”

One individual’s life has changed as a result of the advertisement in the Bendigo Advertiser. According to Mr Hinton-Teoh, one of the businesses listed in the advertisement was approached by a member of their community.

“A woman came into this person’s store and she said to him ‘Because you appeared in this ad to support marriage equality, finally my son had the courage to come out to his family, finally my son has the courage to be who he is, to recognise that he is supported by our local community,” he said.

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