Targeting your audience on mobile

Zeus Unwired founder Rob Marston says the huge gap in the mobile market between consumer habits and advertising innovation can be can closed by clever targeting of audiences.

Mr Marston sat down with The Newspaper Works for the third and final instalment of our Monetising Mobile, with the mobile ad spend sitting on $349 million of total of more than $13.3 billion.

“Consumers are much more advanced, from an advertising perspective, than brands are,” he said.

The key to reaching consumers on mobile – and avoid “banner blindness” – is to make ads personal, engaging and relevant, Mr Marston explained.

One recent project by Zeus Unwired, for a university O-Week campaign, achieved a click-through rate 70 times above average by using location settings to target students on university campuses.

A shift from “one-to-many” style advertising to “one-to-one”, targeted approaches had big implications for the industry, he said.

Publishers could add value to news content by linking it to purchase opportunities, he explained.

“It’s about content becoming more powerful with the packaging that you put it in.”

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