Target Offers $10 Off Coupon

We’re seeing more and more bricks and mortar retailers using newspapers to position new style tactical offers.

Target 10 Dollars Off

Often they’re in the form of a time limited special offer…one day, two days…or in the case of this ad from Target, time limited with the added benefit of a $10 discount coupon.

The full page ads ran in most State based weekend newspapers.

While coupons are a large part of the retail culture of the US, Australia has been slow to catch on to this method of driving retail action.

One of the exclusions for this coupon is online sales, forcing the customer to go in store to reap the benefits and hopefully converting them to more purchases (that turn the revenue equation into a positive for Target) once they get to touch and feel the merchandise, and experience the warm fuzzies, that shopping can bring (or is that just me?).

Creative benchmarking and correspondent actions tell us that given the right information and offer, Australian newspaper readers will ‘cut out and keep’ relevant advertising.

It’s a smart move from Target to put a tangible dollar value on their coupon rather than just percentages.

Throwing away this coupon is literally like throwing away $10 for the Target shopper.

While couponing is still a fairly new way of attracting shopper attention in Australia, we predict an increase in these kinds of tactics as retailers customise their messages more specifically in line with the channels they’re in and the resulting shopper behaviour.


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