Take one tablet at night

News.com.au has launched an iPad app in the belief users are more likely to pick up the tablet in the evening, according to the site’s product, sales and strategy manager Luke Manderson.

“Tablet consumption peaks during the evening,” he said.

“After 6pm people are in a relaxed, casual mindset – they’re not pressed for time.”

The app is free and updated constantly with the latest breaking news. It also reflects the change in news appetites from morning to evening.

Mr Manderson said reader habits meant users were more likely to explore the app in the evenings, reading from story to story and reading longer.

He said there was already an abundance of users on tablets, so a native application that maximised their experience made sense.

“We have 87,000 tablet unique browsers – we thought that was a great opportunity to deliver an optimised experience,” he said.

It was a nine-month process and the back-end of the app is fully integrated with methode and the news.com.au newsroom.

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