Tablet ads ‘can lift desktop audiences by 22pc’

Tablet ads ‘can lift desktop audiences by 22pc’A combined desktop/mobile campaign will reach 22 per cent more people than a desktop-only campaign, a study into this ANZ campaign found.

Mobile advertising on tablets can draw a 22 per cent increase in audience compared to a desktop-only campaign, according to new research by Fairfax Media and ANZ.

The study, which was undertaken by research company TNS, examined ANZ’s Black Rewards credit card campaign across Fairfax Media tablet apps and desktop sites.

It also revealed that an extra 26 per cent of study participants who were exposed to the campaign via both tablet and desktop versus desktop alone picked ANZ as their first choice when asked to nominate their favourite bank.

Fairfax’s mobile commercial manager Stewart Heys told The Newspaper Works that the tablet apps attracted a unique audience – one which “leans back” and takes time to engage with content.

“We call it a mobile device, but it seems predominantly at this stage to be a stay at home device where people are using them in the evening and on the weekend,” Mr Heys said.

“People are in a much more relaxed frame of mind when they’re on their tablet.”

According to Mr Heys, readers visit the desktop site “predominantly during the day, during the week, which is consistent with people being at work and having their computers on during the day, ducking in and out of say the SMH on the web browser between nine and six.”

The TNS survey found intention to sign up for ANZ’s credit card doubled following the combined desktop-tablet campaign.

Mobile advertising has been an area of interest for publishers recently with Fairfax also launching an in-house creative advertising unit for mobile platforms early in February.

“I think there’s a huge amount of opportunity. We’re really only on the beginning of the growth curve,” Mr Heys said.

“We’ve seen some great gains in the last two to three years.”

He said that advertisers still sometimes needed reassurance that tablet apps were a valuable addition to the campaign.

“The ANZ study … demonstrates that the tablet device is a valid and useful branding platform and it’s also important to know how it works with the desktop as well.”

Media agency Starcom launched its Media Futures report last week. It showed that advertisers predicted a 22 per cent increase in mobile ad expenditure in 2015.

“That sounds in the same ballpark that we would be looking for,” Mr Heys said.

“A lot of our strategies are geared around aiming for better than market growth.”

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