Super ads from ING Direct

ING Direct is targeting a broad target audience, using newspapers to talk about their ‘lowest cost default Super fund’.

ING Direct Australia's Lowest Cost Default Super Fund StripING Direct Australias Lowest Cost Default Super FundFinance is one of those difficult categories. It is of high interest to many, but generates low involvement in terms of active decision making. It can be hard to cut through with a compelling message before a reader’s eyes glaze over.

ING Direct’s approach is to focus on one key message i.e. the Money Magazine award as ‘Australia’s Lowest Cost Default Fund’. For many readers, this helps them to bypass doing a lot of their own analysis about which fund is better or has greater benefits. It provides potential clients with a sense of confidence that comes from the credibility of the Money Magazine connection.

The role of these ads is to provide the information (in simple terms) that implies credibility and thereby generate reappraisal of ING Direct as a Super provider.

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