Sunday Telegraph brings back jingle in new campaign

The Sunday Telegraph has combined a highly successful 30-year-old jingle with current personalities in the paper’s new subscription campaign. Fitzy & Wippa

The jingle “Sunday just isn’t Sunday, without The Sunday Telegraph” was first sung by two canine cartoon characters, Harry and Ralph, and still has high retention rates.

It returned to the airwaves last week for a four-week campaign supported in print and aimed at reviving readers’ love for their Sunday paper.

The print ads see chef Matt Moran, NRL player Jarryd Hayne and Nova 96.9 hosts Fitzy and Wippa completing the line “Sunday just isn’t Sunday without…” with their favourite ways to read The Sunday Telegraph – over a lazy breakfast or with friends.

News Corp Australia state director NSW Brett Clegg said readers loved the unrivalled package of content the paper offered each week. “It is an intimate part of the Sunday ritual,” he said.

“We are continuing to invest in the product, including through this creative campaign, to ensure that we maintain our role in enriching the Sundays of our readers.”

The Sunday Telegraph has a readership of 1,317,000 according to the latest emma data, and an engagement rate of 92 per cent of readers taking some form of action including acting on, considering, seeking and sharing the content they read.


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