Subaru “Eyes”

This newspaper ad from Subaru is a high performer in comparison to others we've tested in the auto category.

Key findingssubaru-CB-article

  • Significantly high scores are achieved for affinity, re-appraisal and addressing the public agenda (which can aid brands in generating trust).
  • The ad achieves high scores for all positive creative diagnostics including ‘Has a great photo/image’ and ‘Highlights an important feature’.
  • Strong scores are also achieved for three key brand equity metrics: Familiarity/understanding; Appropriate/relevance; and Category Differentiation
  • The ad is highly motivating based on the response to ActionMap with large numbers of respondents committing to search for more information online and ‘remember for later’ (which aids long term brand recognition).
  • Importantly, a great deal of respondents found the car to be ‘exciting’ and could see the car as something ‘to be proud of’.

Download full results in the document below.