Study shows traditional media most trusted

Newspapers and television are the most trusted sources of news among Australian consumers, according to a recent online Newspoll survey commissioned by Crossman Communications.

The Crossman Insights study, which surveyed more than 1250 Australians between the ages of 18 and 64, found that 79 per cent trusted traditional media formats print newspapers and television, while only 40 per cent trusted blogs and social media and 60 per cent trusted online news sites not associated with newspapers.

Websites attached to newspaper brands were the most trusted, with 74 per cent of respondents finding these sites trustworthy.

Despite lower levels of overall trust, 33 per cent of people source news online at least once every day from social media networks, blogs and independent news websites.

Crossman Communications managing director Jackie Crossman said that the results showed traditional media was still strong and relied upon by the Australian public.

“Despite the advance of mobile and social [media] changing how and what we read, watch and listen to, the research shows that it has not fundamentally changed who we trust,” Ms Crossman said. “It also suggests the popularity of an online site does not necessarily mean credibility.

“Australians still find traditional forms of media more credible than social and online news but it is clear they are turning to online because it is more convenient, and they are spoilt for choice.

“If traditional media can connect more powerfully with consumers online and break through the clutter they could win back their share of the market and edge out other online news sources.”

Among Australian’s living in the city however, trust of independent online news sites is higher than the average (66 per cent) and in regional Australia it is lower (50 per cent).

Respondents also said that they were most likely to socially share video content (31 per cent), followed by e-newsletters (28 per cent), blogs (25 per cent) and infographics (25 per cent).

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