Storyline offers readers the time of their lives

Storyline offers readers the time of their lives

As The Australian celebrates its 50th anniversary this week, the newspaper has launched an online site that allows readers to match a timeline of their life with a timeline of major news events and national daily’s coverage of them.

The online interface, called Storyline, asks viewers to type in their date of birth – preferably a date on or after the newspaper’s first edition, which was published July 15, 1964 – and shows where they were born during the lifespan of The Australian and what the front page of the paper was on the day they were born.

The Australian first front page

The Australian’s first front page, from Wednesday July 15, 1964.

Across the rest of the timeline, Storyline shows significant news events from the past 50 years – the Azaria Chamberlain case, the Port Arthur massacre, the Beaconsfield mine collapse – and links to the front page from those days.

Chief executive of The Australian, Nicholas Gray, said in a statement that the site was build to showcase the newspaper’s archive of front pages, stories and images in a way that was interactive and immersive.

“Storyline encourages Australians to recall their own life journey told through the big events of their lifetime,” he said. “We all remember where we were for key events like the first moon landing, the dismissal, royal weddings past and present, 9/11 and Cathy Freeman’s gold medal in Sydney among many others.

“With Storyline, we are inviting Australians to relive these moments and memories with their friends via social media.”

Storyline was developed by Native Empire, which operates out of Fishburners’ digital tech hub in Sydney.

Fishburners general manager Murray Hurps said of the timeline site: “It’s pleasing to see such a fantastic interactive digital tool like Storyline come from the partnership between News Corp Australia and Fishburners.

“It’s great for our start-ups, especially Native Empire, to be given such an opportunity to develop a social engagement tool for a newspaper like The Australian.”

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