SPH invests in talent with 31 scholarships

SPH invests in talent with 31 scholarships

Singapore Press Holdings and the SPH Foundation have presented 31 students with scholarships to pursue studies in a series of fields.

Ten journalism scholarships, 14 scholarships for children of SPH staff and newspaper vendors and 10 SPH Foundation Lim Kim San Memorial scholarships were awards at a ceremony at the SPH News Centre auditorium earlier this week.

Dr Lee Boon Yang, the chairman for SPH and SPH Foundation, was the guest of honour at the ceremony and gave a talk on the changing media landscape in the region and how the publisher is evolving to meet the demands of the growing digital and social media sector.

“The availability of alternative news sources and changing media consumption habits are challenges that we have to deal with,” he said.

“SPH will continue to invest in talent to help us deliver high quality products that will continuously engage the minds and enrich the lives of readers and consumers.”

One of the journalism scholarship recipients, Mr Bian He, is pursuing arts and social sciences at the National University of Singapore and expressed a faith in the future sustainability of journalism.

“I believe journalism is bigger than what it seems to be,” he said. “I feel more connected and more reflective as I go through daily reports and interviews with different aspects of the society.”

“Such an opportunity does not come easily, and I thank SPH for giving me this chance to learn and strive in this field that I love.”

Mr Pang Xue Qiang was awarded a Lim Kim San Memorial scholarship, which are given to students from modest backgrounds to help fund their studies. He will study communication studies at Nanyang Technological University.

“I feel incredibly blessed to be awarded the scholarship and would like to thank SPH Foundation for giving me this precious opportunity,” he said.

“The scholarship would first and foremost mean financial stability for me. It is also an affirmation and inspiration to continue to work harder and be the best for my family and community.”

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