Smart Investor move to NIM ‘will double audience’

Monthly investment magazine Smart Investor will be published within The Australian Financial Review as a newspaper inserted magazine (NIM) from April next year.

The magazine will be available on the third Friday of each month within the Financial Review and, according to emma data, the move will double its potential audience.

Smart Investor editor James Frost announced several new additions to the magazine, but assured readers it would remain the magazine they know. “We will add to that experience, delivering more expert advice and insights on how to best manage their wealth,” he said.SMI_OCT_cover

Several new columnists and sections will be introduced to the magazine, including new columns focusing on the economy and international investing and a ‘My DIY’ section that will talk to readers that operate self-managed superannuation funds.

Columnists joining the magazine include Financial Review journalist and author Trevor Sykes; chief investment officer of investment boutique Escala Partners Giselle Roux; Financial Review economics correspondent Jacob Greber; and equity analyst Stewart Oldfield.

Financial Review Chanticleer columnist Michael Smith also will write a new column, call ‘Nest Egg’.

Smart Investor will be a must-read for the core AFR audience, because while our readers are highly skilled in business, finance and politics, in a world of fast-moving markets and frequent regulatory changes, they often need advice on how to navigate their personal financial affairs,” Mr Frost said.

Smart Investor is the only magazine of its kind and will give sophisticated investors yet another reason to purchase the Financial Review on a Friday.”

The website of Smart Investor,, is free and is publishing a daily e-newsletter. The Smart Investor section in the Financial Review will continue to be published each Wednesday.

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