Scam advertisement by communications company

In recent weeks a person alleging to be from Commex Communications has been attempting to place advertisements in a number of publications. One each occasion the advertiser has provided a registered business name, address and ABN, all of which are legitimate. Unfortunately, they have been stolen from a legitimate business.

Commex Communications is a genuine local business located at Windsor in Queensland. They supply wireless products, systems and services to clients in the commercial and government sectors and are accredited with the Government Information Technology Contracting Framework.

The published advertisements offer electronic devices such as iPhone, iPads etc at very low prices (an example of one of the advertisements appears below). Should a reader contact the advertiser to purchase an item they are asked to pay for the purchase via Western Union.



  1. I have been contacted by these people and have several emails on file.
    I picked up it was a scam early on…..

  2. We were contacted by these guys by email and phone…
    After looking at the questionable content I emailed Dianne at newspaper works who suggested we asked for direct deposit rather than accept credit card because if they are using stolen credit cards they will not continue. This scammer continued to ring and email..but we responded; “Until the money is direct deposited we will not be running any advertising”. Following this we decided to ring COMMEX and the lady in Windsor confirmed it was a scam and they had nothing to do with it… worth the follow up… I am glad my readers were not ripped off by this scam…
    Thanks Dianne
    Jared Loughnan
    Yarrawonga Chronicle

  3. Yep into days West Australian.
    Claims genuine factory sealed fro California.
    They are of course made in China.
    Who the hell uses Western Union?

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