Role map

There are many ways to create powerful connections with readers when you advertise in newspapers; whether the story you're telling is intended to inform, entertain, inspire, stimulate thinking, generate feelings or even change behaviour.

Role Map exampleIt’s widely accepted that newspapers are an incredibly effective medium in which to convey information and generate a call to action.  What’s not so well understood is that newspapers are also a powerful medium to utilise a cross a broader range of strategic roles, particularly in creating emotional connections in the area of brand building.

Six distinct, but not mutually exclusive strategic roles that newspapers can play were originally identified by the Newspaper Marketing agency in the UK.  These strategic roles have subsequently been validated through Ipsos Media CT and The Newspaper Works through a combination of qualitative and quantitative testing.

This has resulted in the creation of Role Map, one of three proprietary measures that form part of The Newspaper Works’ effectiveness metrics. (The first two are Action Map and Newspaper Creative Diagnostics).

Role Map demonstrates how consumers connect with newspaper advertising across the six strategic roles, comparing the performance of newspaper creative against a footprint of all ads tested.

An example of Role Map (at right) shows how a newspaper ad for Aldi (as per the blue keyline) performed against the six strategic roles, comparing it to the average of 36 retail ads tested, which appears as the grey footprint.