Reuters introduces metered model

Newswire service Reuters has announced it is offering free wire copy, pictures and video to publishers and any consumer that establishes an account, using a metered model.

Users will have access to an allotted amount of content per month in a decision the agency hopes will give it greater reach.

The service is available through the Reuters Media Express portal.

“As the media industry navigates the unprecedented shift to digital publishing and online news consumption, Reuters is committed to … challenging conventional models in order to help publishers and expose more readers to its news content,” the company said in a statement.

The statement did not detail how much users would be able to access per month under the meter, nor what proportion of total Reuters reportage is accessible. However, it appears that 1o articles are available to any user per month, for unlimited access and republication. The Reuters Media Express portal says it contains “a selection of the best stories, photo and video from Reuters Editorial and vetted third-party contributors.”

The Newspaper Works has contacted Thomson Reuters for further clarification.

Although Reuters says its service is aimed at “digital publishers,” there is nothing to stop consumers from signing up.

Global managing director of Reuters, Steven Schwartz, said: “As the industry transforms, we are willing to disrupt traditional approaches to gain insights and help news publishing flourish, while also growing our reach and our business.”

Readers themselves will be able to search through Reuters’ database and see content without having to pay for anything, although they will need to have an account to download any content.

It is the first time Reuters content has been made available free.

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