Renault ZE – Electric Car

France - Renault creatively uses newspapers to demonstrate the innovation behind their electric car, and to get consumers talking.

Creative challenge

  • To get people talking about the new Renault ZE electric car range
  • To demonstrate that the car is taking consumers into a new era
  • To multiple pre-reservations

Creative solution

The advertiser decided to surprise consumers of influential newspapers by re-creating in detail some of the headlines from the past.

Consumers buying the Herald Tribune, Financial Times andNewsweek found themselves transported back to 80 years ago to create the feeling that they weren’t living in their own era. When they turned the page, they read “Don’t be the last to change with the times” and discovered the new Renault ZE Electric car range.


576,000 visitors went to the special website within the month – making the month’s traffic equivalent to the previous 9 months combined. The number of vehicle pre-reservation doubled, and Renault had reinforced its image as a pioneer of the electric car for everybody.

Renault old newspapers article

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