Reaching 3.3m regional news media readers

Reaching 3.3m regional news media readers

We explore emma™ and ABS data to uncover some special strengths of regional newspapers and discover how advertisers can get bigger returns by targeting regional readers.

Regional readers on holiday and business

Some 2.7 million regional readers intend to travel on holiday or business trips in the next 12 months. This includes 2.2 million who’ll travel within their home state.CHART 3 2.7 millions will be travellingThose travelling within their own state intend to stay an average of six nights, interstate travellers 10 nights and international 20 nights.

 They’re 19% more likely to holiday in Australia

Holidays are a big spend item for most of us and regional Australians like to be spending that money enjoying Australia. Compared with the average Australian, readers of regional newspapers are 19% more likely to prefer domestic trips.

Caravans, 3/4 star hotels and self-contained accommodation

Looking at the last domestic trip amongst regional readers who stayed more than one night away, there are a number of accommodation types that they have used more than the average domestic traveller. 32% stayed with a friend or family but caravans/caravan parks (12%) were especially predominant in comparison to other domestic travellers; they were 13% more likely to have used a caravan. Regionals are also more likely to use 3 or 4 star hotels and self-contained houses.

CHART 6 accommodation used on last domestic trip

Newspapers have an important role in holiday decisions

Among regional readers, newspapers play an important role in holiday decisions, with 27% citing papers as useful. When it comes to getting away, that’s 900,000 of them using newspapers for ideas and information.
CHART 5 most useful in deciding holiday

Regional readers spend 3% more on groceries

The ABS Household Expenditure Survey shows that those living in regional Australia spend an average of $142 a week on grocery and supermarket items. That’s 3% more than those living in major metro areas. The 3.3m readers of regional newspapers reflect this same profile – they represent an advertising opportunity for a wide range of brand owners and retailers alike.

CHART 1 avg weekly spend on groceries

Regional newspapers give advertisers the opportunity to influence these spenders. Some 17% of regional paper readers say that newspapers are the most useful media for decisions on groceries and beverages. This is similar to Television (18%) and only bettered by unaddressed mail/catalogues (29%).

They’re 21% more likely to buy a mobile phone

Regional readers not only represent an advertising opportunity for groceries, they’re a strong opportunity for a range of other goods too. Compared with the general population, they show a higher intention to purchase many household appliances in the next 12 months. For example, regional newspaper readers are 22% more likely to be buying a digital TV set in the next year and 21% more likely to be buying a mobile phone.

CHART 2 intend to buy in next 12 months* Respondent or someone else in the household to buy

Reaching 3.3m

Numbering 3.3m, readers of regional newspapers represent an important target for most advertisers and we see that these readers can often provide higher returns for advertisers than simply reaching the average Australian. Holidays in Australia, groceries and a range of household appliances have provided us with examples. Missing them is a missed opportunity.


All figures are from emma™ conducted by Ipsos MediaCT, People 14+ for the 12 months ending December 2016; Nielsen DRM December 2016, People 14+ only. ABS Household Expenditure Survey.


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