Radio kicks a goal with print campaign

Radio kicks a goal with print campaign

Fairfax Media radio station 3AW has seen a boost in listeners to its AFL coverage this year, off the back of an extensive newspaper advertising campaign launched for the 2014 season.

The tagline of the campaign, which has been produced by creative agency Whybin, is “dividing footy fans for over 80 years”, and features a different quote each week, taken from one of the station’s on-air personalities, along with the time and date that the comment was made.

“We carry some pretty amazing on-air talent, like a Mike Sheahan, or a Caroline Wilson, or a Leigh Matthews or a Matthew Lloyd, and we’re not afraid to ask the tough questions,” said national sales director for Fairfax Radio Network, Nick Randall.

“These are full-page ads that will feature, say, Caroline Wilson commenting on the Essendon situation and James Hird, with a powerful image behind it.”

3AW has been placing full-page ads in The Saturday Age every week since round four of the AFL season, as well as placing full-page ads in The Sunday Age and strip ads in The Age on Friday some weeks.

During this period 3AW has seen progressive growth in listeners for football coverage, based on the radio ratings survey. From Survey 3 to Survey 5 this year, spanning the majority of the AFL season, its ratings have risen by around 3 per cent audience share across game preview, game call and game review segments. It has also seen a significant lift in year on year audience share for football coverage across demographics, an indication that the print ad campaign for the 2014 season has contributed to more listeners this year than last year.

The ads have been appearing in both the sports section of the newspaper and also in general news, and Mr Randall said the response has been strong.

“I know we’ve got an ad that works because I’ll get text messages or our social media really lights up once that ad’s in print,” he said.

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