Purina Ruffs

Purina Ruffs' newspaper ad helped to favourably enhance the brand; in particular, differentiating them from competitors.

Key findingsPurina Ruffs

  • This ad has achieved very high scores for positive creative attributes especially for “Great photo/image”; “Looks Good”; and “Catches my eye”.
  • The ad achieved significant scores for improving familiarity/understanding, and for differentiating from other pet care brands.
  • It achieves significantly high scores for Affinity, which is typical of most pet care ads….people like dogs!
  • ActionMap scores are within tolerances for a high ‘average’.
  • It’s Important to remember our sample is a broad representation of readers, and are not filtered by pet ownership.  Its reasonable to assume that dog owners would skew even higher in their positive response to the ad.

Download full results in the document below.