Publishers ‘must respect audience’ to stop ad-blockers

Publishers should consider their audiences when monetising digital platforms, and not overload them with ads, according to media consultant Josh Luger.

Mr Luger, former director of revenue and new business at Upworthy, shared ways for publishers to “adapt, thrive and make money in the age of disruption” at the mumbrella Publish conference in Sydney yesterday.

In response to a question from the audience, Mr Luger shared his views on ad-blocking.

“The first thing I would say is it’s all about respecting your audience,” he said.

There were many websites that bombard users with ads, such as pop-ups, and this was not the way to go.


Question and answer session with Josh Luger, moderated by Camille Alarcon, Mumbrella PHOTO: Mumbrella

“To start, you have to respect your audience; you have to try and monetise in a way that doesn’t lead people to want to create an ad blocker around it.”

It is a view shared by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, which has outlined an alternative set of standard advertising guidelines to encourage lighter and more consumer-friendly ads.

In a statement released last week, the IAB outlined the new advertising principles which will look to limit the file size ads, assure user security and supplement user experience.

Mr Luger said that ad blocking means different thing to different publishers. Publishers with a lot of social traffic, for example, may not see ad blocking as a big threat.

On native advertising, Mr Luger said that publishers needed to be honest about sponsored content.

“The best form of native advertising for me is something that’s upfront about the fact that it’s sponsored,” he told the audience.

“It doesn’t pay in the long term to try and hide what you’re doing in terms of native ads. It pays to be upfront about the fact that this is from a brand.”

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