Print still the preferred medium: emma

Digital readership continues to rise, but print remains the preferred medium for most consumers, according to the latest Enhanced Media Metrics Australia report.

In August, 13.9 million Australians read a print newspaper – with many reading more than one category. Metropolitan papers reached 11.6 million Australians, regional papers 3.2 million, and community newspapers reach 5.1 million.

Digital readership is up 3 per cent in the year to August, reaching an average of 11.6 million people every month.

The Newspaper Works chief executive Mark Hollands believes these findings reflect the importance of news media brands in Australia.

“While mobile audiences continue their steady rise, offering an engaged and highly attractive readership to advertisers, print remains most Australians’ preferred means of consuming newspapers,” he said.

“And with 3.2 million Australians reading regional newspapers and 5.1 million reading suburban titles each month, their important and enduring place in communities is clear.”

The survey shows The Sydney Morning Herald reached a total of 5.11 million readers across all platforms in August, followed by The Daily Telegraph, with 4.12 million, and the Herald Sun 3.90 million.

Cross platform readership (last four weeks) emma August 2015 (000s)
Sydney Morning Herald / 5112.2
Daily Telegraph / 4124.6
Herald Sun / 3899.8
The Age / 3137.8
The Australian / 3028.6
Courier-Mail / 2878.5
West Australian / 1652.3
Adelaide Advertiser / 1585.5
Financial Review / 1568.3
Sunday Times / 1308.2
Canberra Times / 826.4
Northern Territory News / 344.9
Sunshine Coast Daily / 364.1
Mercury (Tas) / 316.2
Average Issue Readership emma August 2015 (000s)
Herald Sun (M-F Av) 1303
Sunday Telegraph 1123
Herald Sun (Sat) 1099
Sunday Herald Sun 1029
Daily Telegraph (M-F Av) 987
Sunday Mail (QLD) 823
Daily Telegraph (Sat) 805
Sydney Morning Herald (Sat) 715
Sydney Morning Herald (M-F Av) 664
Sun-Herald 654
Courier-Mail (M-F Av) 638
Courier-Mail (Sat) 637
Weekend West 627
The Age (Sat) 590
Weekend Australian 587
West Australian (M-F Av) 578
The Age (M-F Av) 568
Sunday Times 488
Sunday Age 474
The Australian (M-F Av) 454
Sunday Mail (SA) 453
Saturday Advertiser 453
Adelaide Advertiser (M-F Av) 439
Financial Review (M-F Av) 309
Newcastle Herald (Sat) 140
Newcastle Herald (M-F Av) 132
Mercury on Saturday (Tas) 115
Financial Review (Weekend edition) 113
Gold Coast Bulletin (M-F Av) 112
Weekend Gold Coast Bulletin 108
The Saturday Paper 101
Mercury (Tas) (M-F Av) 101
Canberra Times (M-F Av) 100
Sunday Tasmanian 97
Canberra Times (Sat) 97
Townsville Bulletin (M-F Av) 87
Geelong Advertiser (Sat) 86
Townsville Bulletin (Sat) 83
Cairns Weekend Post 78
Geelong Advertiser (M-F Av) 75
The Examiner (Sat) 73
Sunday Canberra Times 69
The Star 69
The Examiner (M-F Av) 68
Northern Territory News (Sat) 68
Cairns Post (M-F Av) 68
Sunday Examiner 67
Border Mail (M-F Av) 66
Border Mail (Sat) 65
Illawarra Mercury (Sat) 65
Illawarra Mercury (M-F Av) 65

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