Pack your baggins

Tourism NZ (TMZ) and Air New Zealand partner in a newspaper campaign targeting the discerning wine-enthusiast gourmet traveller.

TNZ Air NZ Baggins 3 pagerRunning as a combined three pager in a weekly food supplement, the newspaper advertisement promotes Wellington as New Zealand’s classic wine trail and ran in situ with detailed editorial on both islands’ wine regions.

The third page of the campaign is an advertisement from Air New Zealand and works to facilitate Call to Action with a time-sensitive retail offer. This advertisement also ties into a wider TMZ marketing campaign that leverages the upcoming Hobbit movie, enhancing the country’s international profile.

Download full results of our April 2011 Creative Benchmarking research for Jetstar & Tourism Tasmania, which proved to be a great example of an airline carrier working hand in glove with a tourism destination to generate a strong reader response. The research showed that the combination of a great image and a strong offer works well in generating high levels of AffinityReappraisal and Call to Action.

TNZ Air NZ Wine 3 pager

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