Oral B Protects Their Brand

Oral B, co-operatively with Coles and Woolworths, have placed large strips in Saturday metro newspapers, to introduce their new product, Pro-Health.

Oral B Woolworths Biggest Breakthrough ToothpasteAt first glance, the ads are almost identical. However, with a second glance, you quickly realise they are subtly different (different headlines, and the product claim bullet points are articulated twice on the Coles version) and one supports a call to action in Coles, and the other in Woolworths.

Interesting to note that the Coles version ran in Melbourne, and the Woolworths version, in Sydney. Perhaps this is a marketing or advertising strategy test?

Oral-B Coles Protects All The Areas

Oral B has previously performed well in newspapers against our creative benchmarking criteria and they use newspapers extensively. In a category where Colgate is so dominant both in market share and share of voice, Oral B does things differently. They have provided us with excellent examples of how FMCG challenger brands can cut through the clutter and use newspapers as an effective channel.


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  1. Is there a follow up article to this? I would be interested to see what the results were using this strategy as I am doing a university marketing assignment.

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