Optus “Tomorrow’s Star”

Optus 'Tomorrow's Stars' newspaper ad delivered in terms of Affinity.

Key findingsOptus "Tomorrow's Star"

  • The Optus ‘Tomorrow’s Stars’ ad has achieved significantly strong results in delivering to Affinity and also demonstrates differentiation from competitors.
  • Creatively, the imagery is well received however the messaging and brand attribution is not as clear as Optus might have wanted.
  • A number of respondents found the ad confusing based on their experience of Optus, and were looking for the offer.
  • The likely actions taken as a result of this advertising are ‘long tail’ actions that relate to the strong Affinity results.
  • These are good results as typically respondents judge Telecommunications ads harshly and miscomprehension of messages is often a problem in this category.

Download full results in the document below.