OPSM surveys and engages

A new newspaper ad from OPSM positions the optometry brand as a leader in eye-care and eye health through the dissemination of information and advice.

OPSM Tech Savvy SurveyOPSM leverages from newspapers’ position as a trusted advisor on health by placing their editorial style communication in the health and wellbeing section of the newspaper. This targeted approach ensures consumers are caught in the right frame of mind.

The communication also feeds into their wider branding, promoting OPSM as being more than just a retailer of eyewear, but an essential partner for achieving optimum eye health.

Download our 2011 Retail Report which demonstrates why newspapers drive Call to Action for retailers. It features the Action Map, a proprietary newspaper measure which identifies the form of action a newspaper ad is likely to generate.

Also, check out our Creative Benchmarking research into the Retail category, which shows how consumers engage with and act on newspaper advertising.


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