NZME launches multi-platform lifestyle product

NZME launches multi-platform lifestyle product

New Zealand Media & Entertainment launched a multi-platform lifestyle and entertainment product this week to fill a void created by New Idea, which no longer will produce New Zealand content.

Titled Spy, the new section in the Herald on Sunday will take advantage of NZME’s multiple channels, and have a digital and on-air radio presence.

The section will be accompanied by the website, which will produce content throughout the week.

NZME radio stations have already begun incorporating the Spy brand into their stations.

Editor of Spy Ricardo Simich said the influence of celebrities cannot be denied.

“They shape our world, make us laugh and cry, and set trends. We love them and want an insight into their lives,” he said.

“Consequently we want to know what they’re wearing, where they are holidaying and the latest in their careers.

“Closer to home New Zealand’s growing red carpet and social scene are a fascination to our readers.”

Mr Simich, along with photographer Norrie Montgomery, will lead the Spy team.

The product also will feature food and travel.

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