Not hardtofind customers

I’m always interested when non-traditional marketers and channels use printed newspaper environments to advertise their services.

Hardtofind The Perfect Gift IsThis ad for ‘hard to find’, an online retailer, appeared in NIMS (newspaper inserted magazines), and it showcases some of the fun and different items that are for sale.

Through advertising their brand outside of the digital sphere, they potentially generate new brand awareness and new customers that may not otherwise find them online.The sheer breadth of items showcased in the ad are likely to broaden the appeal of the retail destination which works well within the context of the lifestyle centred editorial environment.

The call to action is simple and helps answer a fundamental truth (the perfect gift is hard to find).  And the reference to ‘hand picked by Eri and Trudi’ ads a personal touch which is likely to make people feel good …and encourage affinity for the brand.

Anther online brand that understands how print environments can complement their online presence is iSelect.


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